Beamwest are center for all your enterprise hardware needs from network routers, hard drive, switch, to dedicated servers. Consult with us to get custom suited products for your business requirements. We also provide setup service for enterprise that needs to have their own specific hardware.


We provide an insite consultation to your company to discuss which side of your company's pillar needs to be improved and needs to be supported with better software for better workflow management. By integrating our customized advance software to your company, it will help reduce work time and redundancy for your employees. Our team will maintain and update the software accordingly based on your demands.


We have special team with vast experience and knowledge in Networking Solutions. After consultation and inspection on your enterprises, we will propose to setup a network that runs vital jobs for your business. Our network will run failure-free as your company's backbone.

  • Switch and Router• Stackable Switches • Modular Switches • Chassis deployments
  • Wireless• Wireless Controller • 802.11 n/ac APs
  • IT and Security• Servers and Storage • Workstations • IP Monitoring • Firewall
  • LAN Security• Management and Advanced Security • Network Access Control.


Your business deserves tailored solutions that are able to maximize profits. Worry not, At Beamwest, we dive deep to customer's business infrastructure and are able to virtualize the necessary solutions, design the core network infrastructure, back-up and disaster recovery, and other compliance needs to ensure that your business will be running smoothly at an optimum performance.